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Air Freight Australia

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Air Freight Australia

What is Air Freight?

Air freight is another term for air freight, that is, shipping goods via an air carrier. Air freight services are the most valuable when it comes to transporting express shipments around the world. Like commercial airlines or airlines, air freight passes through the same gates.

On the other hand, air freight means the amount to be paid for the transport of goods by air. When goods are shipped from one place to another, the amount paid for the movement of goods is called freight. Therefore, air transport means fees paid for air transport.

About Air Freight services in Australia:

Most of the business owners are unaware of the prohibition laws that come with the ease of freight services. Therefore, you should always consult the professionals before moving ahead. Air freight services are exclusive when it comes to shipping services. These services are mostly used for urgent and high-value deliveries. Most of the business owners enjoy these services by delivering highly demanded products to their customers on time. However, there are some restrictions with regard to the size and weight of the goods to be carried in air freight.

Domestic Air freight services in Australia have some rules which prohibit certain goods to be carried. Thus, the sender must be aware of these restrictions before sending anything. Moreover, pricing is generally determined by the weight of the package and packaging is given special attention. The most important part is that you can track your shipments when delivering through Air Freight Services

How these freight services help the user

In a competitive retail industry these days, customer expectations have increased especially when it comes to responsiveness. Although air freight services are expensive than others but it is the fastest way to deliver their goods in short time span.  Domestic Air freight service providers like Austrans Logistics can effectively optimize the cost and time efficiencies while managing the quick order fulfillment and distribution with ease.

How does it work

When you book your order with Austrans Logisitcs, we will arrange a pick up at your warehouse or pick-up location by coordinating with a local carrier. A carrier truck then tenders the shipment to the airline after getting loaded. At the airport, the shipment is loaded on to the aircraft as it gets prepared to fly towards the destination. After it reaches to the destination port, the shipment is delivered to the consignee by coordinating with the delivery service provider in the area.


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How to choose a freight services company?

Visibility and timing are critical in a supply chain operating at an international level. So is the selection of right freight forwarder.

Look for a broad portfolio.

Select a freight company that provides a detailed portfolio of multiple transportation networks around the world.

Find a forwarder and customs broker in one.

The risk of shipment delays is minimized when working with a provider with thorough knowledge of regulatory procedures and custom compliance.

Evaluate industry expertise, responsiveness, and quick turnarounds

A freight business needs various solutions for unplanned and unexpected shipment demands caused by the changes in the product line, demand surges or natural disasters.


Search for competitive transit times

If a freight forwarder can offer viable transit times then they have a competitive advantage over other freight forwarders.


Make sure the forwarder adds value to your bottom line

An air freight forwarder offering reasonable rates is valuable. Global freight forwarders have an extensive network and they can offer commercial packages too.


Size up people skills

The air freight Australia service provider must have an established relation locally at every point of service with the retailers as well as the customers.

How the user can track the status of their freight services

Whether you are an exporter, importer, overseas agent, freight forwarder, supplier, transporter, broker, or warehouse operation manager; web-based tracking provides visibility to you and your customers. It enables them to track and monitor the movement and status of their parcels anytime.

Just enter the tracking number that you received in the notification through an email or SMS on the tracking page at our website and you will be able to know the location and status of your package.

Benefits of the services

There are different modes of transportation for delivery services. Each option has its own drawbacks and disadvantage. As you may know, air freight is generally used for low weight and high-value shipments. However, there are several other benefits of using Domestic air freight Australia services.

  1. The fastest shipping method

Air freight is without a doubt fastest shipping method as compared to road or sea freight. It is the best option when goods need to be delivered from one place to the other within a short span of time.


  1. Highly reliable arrival and departure times

The departure and arrival times of air freights are highly reliable as the schedule is fixed and a flight departures almost every hour.


  1. Send your cargo almost anywhere

Air freight services usually cover most of the destinations around the world. This implies that a customer can send a parcel almost anywhere with the extensive air freight Australia options.


  1. Low insurance premium means large savings

The insurance costs for air freight services are lower. So even if its expensive, it enables you to save money by offering lower insurance prices.


  1. High level of security and reduced risk of theft and damage

Security risk for shipping via air freight is lower as the likelihood of theft and damage is reduced by tightly managed security controls at the airport.


  1. Less need for warehousing and fewer items in stock

Due to the quick transit times, items don’t need to be kept at the warehouse for a long time. Custom clearance and other procedures also take less time.


  1. Less packaging required

Less time and money is spent on additional packaging as air freight requires less packaging for items.


  1. Follow the status of your cargo

Many companies give you the opportunity to track your goods using a web application, which means you can monitor the status of your cargo from departure to arrival to keep constantly updated.

What are the Do's and Dont's

  • Interlocking corners shall be used on the wooden crates always.
  • Don’t put fasteners into the end grain of wood; place them in the side or edge grain of your container
  • Don’t tie knots larger than 30% of the surface area they appear in
  • Don’t place fasteners in knots
  • Use diagonal braces on each panel to increase strength
  • Pallets should be large enough to accommodate shipments without overhang
  • Don’t use broken pallets
  • Remove protruding fasteners before placing the packages on the pallet.


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