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Freight Quotes - Benefits of Online Freight quotes - Austrans Logistics

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Benefits of Online Freight quotes

There are several ways in which LTL freight quotes can enhance the capabilities of a supply chain.

With a market with overwhelmingly tight capacity these days, the supply chain is facing different challenges. Some of the issues can be solved with LTL shipping but it also opens up the space for some other challenges that come with booking of LTL. However, an online LTL freight quote service help you skip these challenges and allows the user to experience complete benefits of LTL shipping without picking up the phone. There are several benefits of LTL freight quotes:

  • The process of getting a freight quote is straightforward and easy to manage as you are smoothly navigated throughout the entire process from start to end.
  • The whole process of freight quote allows the clients to find the cheapest, fastest and most reasonable freight services according to their needs.
  • Full quotes are readily available thanks to the technological processes.
  • Online freight quotes are available for range of shipping options including expedited and on time guaranteed shipping as well as lift gates, inside pick-up or delivery and non-commercial shipment modes.

This new feature has made it so much easier to book LTL freight. As LTL option makes it easier to manage freight, the freight quote feature creates an opportunity for the clients to have the best streamlined experience. You have everything under control and LTL freight quote provides you a competitive edge as well. After all, your shipment should be working the way you want it to.

Requesting a Freight Quote: Here's What You Should Know

When you are shipping the goods internationally, getting an affordable freight quote is an important step. Every business functions on a budget and the shipping costs have to be as low as possible to make it profitable. In order to get an accurate freight quote, a client has to provide as much information as possible to the freight service provider.

Desired Service Type

First you have to decide the kind of transportation your shipment requires. Air Freight, Sea Freight and Road Freight all have their pros and cons. For instance, air freight is the fastest form of transportation but it’s also the most expensive, followed by sea transport and road freight.

Incoterms or Mode of Shipment

The rules of International Commercial Terms (incoterms) published by International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) are a set of pre-specified commercial terms. These rules are widely used in commercial transactions and international procurement. They clearly communicate the costs, risks and the tasks associated with the transportation and delivery of goods.

For instance, the EXW (Ex Works) code means that the freight has to be made available within their area or at any another agreed upon location. The buyer is responsible for getting the goods at their final destination. This lifts up the obligation from the seller. Some other recognizable terms would be FOB (Free On Board), Cost and Freight (CFR), and Cost Insurance and Freight (CIF).

Delivery Options

The client has some options for choosing the way their package is delivered. The chosen option depends on ones budget, business preferences and inland logistics network.


It’s the most convenient way of shipping for the customer. The customer is not involved in the process and the transporter handles everything to deliver the goods at destination.


The shipper handles the delivery from one port to the other port. This method of shipping is cost effective.


This method of shipment is suitable for the clients who have their own delivery network and they can afford to deliver shipments from warehouse to the origin.

Live Load vs Drop and Pick

There are two different methods for loading your ocean container.

Live load 

The ocean freight container gets loaded at the location during a live load. During this process, the trucker waits and the container is removed as soon as it gets loaded.

Drop and Pick

During drop and pick, the container is left by the driver at your location and it is again picked up after few days when it gets fully loaded.

Commercial vs Residential 

Sometimes a surcharge is supplemented on the customer’s freight quote when shipping to a residential address. This is important information that needs to be discussed with the freight provider prior to the shipping.

Cargo Details

Certain aspects of the shipment can alter the amount mentioned in freight quote. The sender must consider various factors when sending a parcel. By packaging the shipment differently, one may be able to get fewer amounts on the freight quote.


The standard size of the shipment is 40ft x 20ft. Anything larger than this dimension costs higher as it takes up more container space.


 All the ocean freight containers are prohibited from loading shipments with unverified weights for safety reasons. Therefore if the sender does not mention the weight of the package, weight verification charges are applied increasing the overall freight quote.

Hazardous or dangerous goods 

During the shipment of Hazardous materials, you must have the Material Safety Data Sheet while loading the shipment.

Palletized Goods

The container space is maximized by the selection of an appropriate pallet for your goods, reducing the transportation costs.

Stackable Goods

The goods that can be stacked on each other take up less space in the container, thereby reducing the costs in freight quote.

Cargo Ready Date

Freight quote is given for a fixed amount of time and it can change if the goods are not ready for shipment on time. If the goods need to be shipped after months from now, an estimated quote is given.

Duty Rate

The tax imposed on the shipments by the government is known as Duty and it is calculated by taking out the percentage according to the value of commodity.

HTS number 

An HTS number, or Harmonized Tariff Schedule, is a 10 digit number used to identify the origin and composition of goods, including their duty information.

Value of your goods 

The more expensive and delicate goods cost more to ship with increased shipment charges.

There are several factors that can alter the freight quote. The best option is to provide detailed information about the goods to the freight forwarder to get the most accurate freight quote.



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