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Essential Characteristics of a Courier Dispatcher

Whenever someone pictures the courier services in Australia, there is increased likelihood of thinking about the people who make it all happen. Without a doubt, these individuals are the vital part of the courier industry. They keep the tasks going while keeping up with the deliveries. Additionally, dispatchers are also important. They make sure that everything goes according to the plan by assigning tasks and specifying the routes for the couriers. A competent dispatcher has to have a particular set of skills for success. 

 An eye for detail

A good dispatcher should have keen observation and sharp focus to be able to handle several deliveries at once. Without these skills, the job will not be done smoothly. Any dispatcher should be able to see the bigger picture with an eye for detail and ensure that every piece of the puzzle fits together.

 Social skills

A dispatcher has to deal with multiple people at once on regular basis. They have to be open to people and be able to make engaging and fulfilling conversations with those they are going to work with. There is no room for unpleasant attitude as the dispatcher is expected to communicate between parties often playing the role of a mediator. Everyone has to get along for the business to run efficiently, especially the person who has to assign the tasks.

Time management

There are number of functions a dispatcher has to perform. Therefore, they have to manage and handle everything efficiently and quickly. Otherwise, all the tasks will pile up together making it difficult to handle. This may even leave the customers frustrated as the packages are not delivered on time. The manager has to make sure that the dispatcher hired can handle the work well under pressure with the ability to provide optimal results. 


Delivery requirements in Australia can change in an instance which may require extra effort from the courier services. This implies that the dispatcher has to be adequately adaptable to make sure that the requirements are met and performed on a whim. In absence of a flexible and adroit attitude, deliveries may not be made which is not a favourable situation for a courier company. The ability to make quick decisions is necessary in order to assign tasks.

 Technology and Courier Services Go Hand in Hand

People who tend to invest in courier services have one motive. That is to get the package delivered safely to the destination without hefty charges. Indeed it is a wise decision. The team at Austrans logistics is professional, efficient and trustworthy. What people do not usually know is that technology has a significant impact on the quality of services being provided. With the advent of time, we have no other choice than to adept. Fortunately, technology merges really well with any courier service.  


Responsibility and accountability is a must especially when delivering the medical supplies. Customers who entrust courier services with the essential goods expect to get the quality service with the assurance that the goods will not be damaged. The credit of accountability goes to technology that has made it possible for the customers to track their orders online and get the text when it is received. 


With the growth and advancement of customer requests, it is easier to keep up with it with the help of technology. Courier services have to meet varying aspects of customer demands. So, it is always a good idea to use technology in order to meet those expectations. Technology paves the way for the courier service to be the best it can be. It provides innovative solutions to the newly arising problems such as cyber attacks.  


Delivering the goods to the faithful buyers has never been easier. We can deliver goods at a faster rate to fulfill the central purpose of a courier service. If a courier service cannot ensure timely delivery, it eventually declines. Technology enables any courier service provider to fine-tune their services and keep up with the demands.  


It is crucial for a courier service to be available whenever possible. It could be because an urgent document needs to be sent or medical supplies are required at the spot. Whatever the case is, technology makes it possible for a courier service to be available 24/7 receiving online messages and calls and responding to them as quickly as required. Timing and availability are the main aspects that are required.

Reasons we love courier technology

If there is one way we can make the customers in Melbourne remember our same day delivery service for personal or commercial orders; it is that we try to be as dedicated and honest in our work as possible. How do we make sure to stay true to our services? By utilizing state of the art technology. We love courier technology because of its ability to increase customer satisfaction and enhance our services.

 We provide online ordering

Booking your order on telephone can be a hassle sometimes due to the engaged and busy lines and other issues. We understand that it is more convenient to place an order online. Therefore, our website offers an easy and simple online portal where a customer can create an account and frequently use the services with ease.

 Detailed package tracking

We acknowledge the importance of knowing where the parcel is, and technology makes it easier for us to provide that information. The customer is notified when the order has been picked up, when it is delivered and who received it. The order history of past transactions can also be provided.

The technology has greatly aided our aim to efficiently and effectively take the orders and deliver the goods. The drivers are truly prepared and equipped to handle the parcels. The goal of technology was to make our lives easier and courier services have been greatly aided by it.


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