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ROAD FREIGHT - An ultimate guide by Austrans Logistics

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The need for transport services (road freight) is inevitable for any kind of business in Australia to perform their daily operations. The functional need for transportation has caused various services to emerge, providing the customers with variety of options to choose from. But the surprising part is that in this age of high competition; business owners do not consider exactly when they need to choose the freight and transportation services for their company.

 Bearing in mind the significance of customer’s satisfaction in difficult financial circumstances, the business owners have to carefully weigh each of their transport service options.

It’s important for all the businesses to fulfill customer demands without compromising their integrity. However, in the absence of complete knowledge about transport industry, many of the enterprise owners find themselves stuck in an unfulfilling partnership. The hasty decisions made at the rise of necessity cause several problems in the long run.

Logistics industry is a primary part of businesses in Australia and it can be too expensive for the corporate owners not to plan their transportation partnership in advance. Nevertheless, the decision does not have to be that difficult. It is absolutely possible to find the transport service provider that perfectly matches your business requirements. You just have to consider some important aspects of the business operation to work it out.



The customers can range from corporate owners and other service providers to an individual customer making an online purchase.

Having knowledge about the type of customers and their requirements is one of the key factors in deciding the best way to provide services. This acts as a supplement for determining the suitable freight and transport services for them.

If a business owner is dealing with individual customers, it is imperative to enquire the transport service provider about whether they handle small parcel deliveries, deliveries on urgent basis and delivering the parcels to the given residential addresses?

It is also essential for the transport service provider under consideration to be adept at packaging, picking, dispatching, tracking and communicating between owner, customer and their own staff throughout the transaction.


If other businesses and retailers are your customers, then it is imperative to select a transport service provider who can provide pallet carriage, haulage for bulky items, warehouse management, inventory management, and communication through local and international corporate channels. It is impossible to risk the management of stock, loss or damage of the valuable items when dealing with the major businesses and retailers as customers. They can replace the service provider without a minute’s notice that can be a huge setback for any company. Therefore, it is necessary to choose freight and transport service provider that can provide fast and reliable transport services to one’s client base.



There is no use of choosing a good transport service provider if they cannot offer the services that your customer base requires.

Every freight company has different specialties and strengths. So, it is an integral part of the decision making to determine which providers are most suitable for your business.

 If a business has large and diverse inventory that is difficult to manage, it shall invest more on a transport service that offers innovative warehousing and experienced staff with inventory management that can decrease expenditure and save time.

On the other hand, if your inventory is well managed and the goods only need to be transported from one destination to the other, then your first priority should be a transport company that excels in transportation system. If a business is heading in the same direction as other Australian businesses, it is more likely that it has to deal with international transportation as well. This implies that a transport service provider who can smoothly handle custom clearance, container, cartage and wharf would be a potential fit.

A service provider should also be more aware about the factors that make the customers happier. Are they happier when directly dealing with you or is there a need for more experienced company with experience for delivering high standard services. It is difficult to imagine a service provider who can satisfy all your clients but if such provider is found, it can influence the business quite positively.



In this age of technological advancement, it is crucial to have high expectation from your road freight service provider with regards to integration and innovation in technology.

The decision for choosing a particular provider should be based on their ability to communicate information between two parties in a timely manner. You will be able to find this quality in the form of online inventory management, GPS tracking, booking, reporting and high levels of integration and customer services.

The quality of your transportation service will mainly depend on the ability of partner transport company to overcome daily challenges with ease. However, the size of the provider company also matters. The large number of transport vehicles ensure that no extra middlemen will be involved in the business. It enables the company to reach far flung areas of the country with ease.

 Never forget to ask the transport service provider about the way they handle reverse logistics and how they are able to respond to unforeseen challenges.



Whether you are a fresh start up or an expanding business, you have to gauge the level of commitment of your freight service provider before choosing them.

As a matter of fact, customer support service is the most important aspect of business as many clients are invested into it and more clients are potentially getting involved with mutual interest of all the parties in mind.  

It’s not difficult to recognize if the transport service provider has the potential to manage multiple parties with ease, their willingness to customize the services to meet the specific need of a client, the ability to offer different services in-house and a portfolio to guarantee the quality of their services.

Never choose a freight service provider based on low rates because the services will have the same quality then. Instead find the one with reasonable rates for their services. As an Australian business, it is a critical matter to serve one’s client base, and one should never settle for anything less than outstanding when it comes to road freight service providers. Contact Austran Logistics anytime for the best quality reliable and custom freight transport solutions to keep your business moving forward!


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