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Freight Calculator Australia

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Freight Calculator Australia

There are many factors that go into calculating freight rates and doing it on a case by case basis can be very time-consuming. A consumer would end up playing a game of Phone tag: customers call freight brokers, who then call transport companies to find out the shipping rates for their customers. The back-and-forth is inevitable, incredibly inefficient, and time-consuming and above all stressful. Getting freight quotes online in Australia from multiple providers takes time, and time costs money.

So, what is different at Austrans Logistics?

Our goal at Austrans Logistics is to make freight shipping and finding freight rates as easy and accessible as possible. Time is money, money is time. Austrans Logistics is an Expedia-like marketplace, an online platform for shippers with instant freight rates from most of the Tier One Carriers in Australia.

Just fill out your origin and destination, enter the information about what you ship, and freight rates are instantly calculated for you in a matter of seconds.




Our graphic above details what goes into calculating freight shipping costs. Once you see the complexity you will understand that getting instant freight rates online via a Freight Calculator is a remarkable advancement. Austrans Logistics Freight Calculator gives you in seconds what used to take several minutes if not hours to achieve. And it is free!


But before jumping to our Freight Calculator (available at, please read below to appreciate what’s being computed in the background.


Weight of a consignment.


Two terms that are used interchangeably when calculating Freight Rates are Dead Weight and Cubic Weight. So, what is each term, how do they differ and how do they impact on the Freight Costs for a given consignment?

This difference is a commonly forgotten factor when sending parcels through any courier service but holds relevance when sending parcels that are small in dead weight but take up a lot of room. Transport Carriers charge their customers by both cubic weight and dead weight (whichever is the greatest) and if you do not get this right it is highly likely that your consignment will be delayed because it bears insufficient postage.

Luckily however the calculation is quite simple even for those of us who have a selective memory of everything that we were taught about math in high school!

Dead weight is exactly as it sounds – it can be measured by placing the item on a scale.

Cubic weight is calculated by using the following formula:

Length of The Object (m) x Height of The Object (m) x Width of The Object (m) x 250

So now for an example if we wanted to send a box that was 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm and when we put the item on a scale it weighs 1kg.

Substituting the values into our formula we are left with:

0.3 x 0.3 x 0.3 x 250 = 6.75 kg

Therefore, for this parcel we should be paying for an item that weighs 6.75 kg not 1kg and if we do not, we then incur further charges that until paid may delay the delivery because of the insufficient postage.

This is where Freight Calculators become such a necessity and allow us to be charged the correct rate. These Freight Calculators take these factors into consideration for us when calculating the Freight Rate for a given consignment.

However, Freight Calculators do not just make our lives easier when it comes to calculating the cost of freight. There are other factors that can be inbuilt into the freight calculator to give us the consumer a price for a given consignment.

Factors such as length of an item. Most, if not all Transport Carriers will charge more as a consignment increases in length. This is generally charged as a surcharge on top of the original freight cost and is often for a range of lengths. For example – up to 2 metres may cost a certain dollar amount, then for each additional 1 metre there would be an extra charge.

Other factors, such as Insurance and Manual Handling fees can also be in built into the Freight Calculator.

All of this goes to making our task in determining the cost of a freight consignment so much easier, more efficient and less time consuming.

When you make use of Austrans Logistics Freight Calculator us, we will give you a range of options from multiple carriers. This will allow you to compare your Transport Costs quickly and efficiently as well as get an estimated delivery time. Whether you want to explore your Transport options, or you are you have a consignment that just must get there as soon as possible, Austrans Logistics Online Freight Calculator will inform you of what you need to know in a matter of minutes.

You can compare them on delivery time, cost, and pick-up time to decide which is the perfect courier for you. No more fiddling around with multiple tabs, no more accidental closed windows. Nobody likes expensive surprises. That is why a Freight Calculator is a bonus. The Freight Calculator tell you: the total cost of your order, including any surcharges such as Length, Manual Handling Fee, Fuel Levy as well as GST.

In a nutshell, no more shopping around for quotes, no more wasted time. Just live prices from all available carriers for you to choose from.

Austrans Logistics Quote Online offers a free online freight quote calculator. What you will see is what you will pay. No hidden charges. If you are shipping, try it out now.

  • Save up to on import and / or export costs
  • Instantly receive free and unlimited quotes
  • International / Domestic quotes
  • No registration or sign-up required


Save With Austrans Logistics Online Freight Calculator and join over 3000 Australian Importers, Exporters, Retailers, and Individuals using our Online Free Freight Calculator.

It is important to note that utilising the services of such an Online Freight Calculator as is offered by Austrans Logistics does not commit you to their services.


Try our Free Online Freight Calculator at and start saving!



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