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Ten Facts about Courier Services

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Ten Facts about Courier Services

The secret of courier services has been discovered at last– check out these few things to know about courier services.

Let’s face it. Courier services often come with loads of rules, regulations, definite terms and conditions that may seem hard to comprehend initially. In order to make it totally stress-free for you, we put together a list of what you should know about courier services.

1. There are several types of courier services, based on the speed of delivery and the kind of shipment.

Normal courier services entail gathering small and medium sized parcels and then transferring them to the delivery point. Choosing this usually comes with a very low cost, but also quite sluggish – there is an expected time of delivery, which changes depending on a particular route. If you want to convey your parcel as quickly as possible, you may want to consider picking same-day or overnight service. 

2. When ordering a normal courier service, you can choose a pick-up date but not a definite time frame.

One of the things to know about courier services is that courier drivers follow programmed routes. They run every working day; between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. Usually, organizing a definite time within the standard courier service is not an option. Although in a few cases, you might be able to get a narrower time frame by calling the local courier directly.

3. Not every parcel is appropriate for the standard service.

There are a lot of things that you can transport (bags, boxes or sports equipment, just to mention a few). However, you have to take measurements of your parcel in order to get the precise dimension to make sure you meet the standards. If your parcel happens to be too large or too heavy, the courier may most likely reject it.

4. And not every item can be shipped.

Think again if you plan to send anything poisonous, harmful or infectious. Such items are strictly prohibited and can’t be transported under any situation. For a full list, you can read up our post about the items that are not allowed.

5. Shipping a pallet may be less expensive than sending a few boxes separately.

Based on the weight of a shipment, it may actually cost less to place your boxes on a pallet and ship it altogether. Ensure you know the difference between package and pallet shipping and properly pile all your boxes on a pallet.

6.  Packing support is not included in the price.

Courier drivers handle and pack parcels onto vehicles, map and follow the most effective routes to transport the parcels as fast as possible, and document significant tracking information. Unluckily, the cost of a regular courier service excludes professional packing support, as well as any packaging at all. Find out what exactly the price of a regular service entails here.

7. Wrong packaging can influence the whole shipping process.

With regard to this, it’s very important to pack your things correctly. It may not always be as simple to do, but it’s very essential. First off, the courier driver may reject the parcel if it’s not packed in the right way. Then, immediately your package is being transported, it is liable to damage. If the wrapping is not appropriate, your parcel may reach its destination in bad form.

8. Your shipment may be insured without any additional charges.

Normally, there’s an essential insurance incorporated in the shipping cost. The insurance coverage though, ranges from a value of up to 50 EUR and 200 EUR. There’s often a likelihood of purchasing extra insurance, if required.  

9. Indicating your correct address and stating any important details are key factors for a successful delivery.

When putting in an order, remember to put the exact address and re-check to be absolutely sure that all details are correct afterwards. Picking the door-to-door shipping services means that you can order a pick-up from almost everywhere, but make sure you present as much information as possible. It can save you a lot of time and problem afterwards.

10. There is no need to rush.

Perhaps one of the most essential things to know about courier services is that you should not plan your shipment in a hurry, rather do it in advance. Don’t linger till the last minute with placing your order – take into consideration public holidays and any unforeseen circumstances. Unfortunately, sometimes courier drivers might not pick up your package on the chosen date, due to unexpected situations that cannot be changed. By planning things ahead and setting up the pick-up at least 2 days in advance, you should be able to avoid such complexities.

There are three core methods to giving additional value to your firm’s offering and this can be influenced by which distribution provider you use. First off, a multi-carrier solution will include workability and ensure that your company is giving the most suitable and cost effective service for each Stock Keeping Unit – This is valuable for businesses with many products. The second factor to consider when looking to boost competitiveness is offering free shipping) and the third method of adding value to your business’ delivery is to outsource fulfillment.

These are some of the necessary things to know about courier services. In case you have any questions, don’t forget to discuss with them with the preferred courier company or booking platform first. And as always, we’re here to assist!




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