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Who is my right Transport Partner?

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Who is my right Transport Partner?

So, you operate, or you are thinking about starting an online business, there are many things you need to consider to be successful.

One of the last things on a new start up’s “to do list” is the delivery of their goods. No! This should be one of the first items that you deal with when starting up. It should be right up there with developing the product line.

The decision of choosing the right Transport Partner for your online store could make or break you.

With the ever-increasing need for an instant communication world and social media holding us accountable every step of the way, you need more than tech solutions at the checkout for your site. Being backed by your carrier that has an Australian based Customer Service team gives you piece of mind that “they have your back”.

Transport can be frustrating at the best of times and there are many things to ask yourself even before you have sold your first item. Some of the questions you need to ask yourself are:

⦁    What are the sizes of my products? 
will I be invoiced at dead weight or volumetric weight? 
will I incur any hidden costs such as length surcharges or manual handling fees?
⦁    Will I be opting for?
real time quoting
set price shipping 
or free shipping, 
how will all this affect my bottom line?
⦁    Are my goods fragile and/or require special handling? 
will this incur additional costs? (Tail Lift or two-person lift) 
⦁    Do I need to Insure my products?
will I require cover in transit against damage or loss? 
will the carrier cover the goods and what will be the cost of such insurance? 
should I just Insure all my goods myself for Transit Insurance? Will that be cheaper?
⦁    Who will be my average customer? 
will they be easy to deliver to? 
for example, young professionals are likely to live in secure apartment buildings with no easy delivery access. 
⦁    Do I require more than 1 carrier across my product line? 
⦁    Do I require International Shipping from Australia?
⦁    Do I select an aggregator/broker such as ⦁    Austrans Logistics or deal directly with the transport companies?
how will that affect my time?
how will this affect my customer service?
⦁    Which shopping cart offers the best solutions for my business and site? 
⦁    Does the carrier/aggregator have a shipping/fulfillment plugin or app matching my shopping cart? 
plugins for Shopify, Magento, Magento 2, WooCommerce and eBay. Austrans Logistics has developed such plugins to allow you to deal with your customers.
⦁    Do I choose the cheapest parcel delivery in Australia or do I choose the best courier service in Australia?
⦁    Do I choose a Courier Service near me?
⦁    Do I want a Same Day Courier Service or next day delivery?
⦁    Do I choose a Courier service that offers door to door service?

The list continues and can be very daunting. 

Each carrier has their own freight profile so not all carriers will provide you with what you may need. Not all Carriers or aggregator / freight broker will have the required plugin that you need or provide the service that you require. So how do you break it down for the best solution and outcome for you and your customers? 

You need to decide which is the best use of your time, as nobody knows your business better than you do. Will your time be better used building your product and brand awareness or dealing with unhappy customers whose items have not arrived on time or worse still, arrived damaged? It can be extremely frustrating and time-consuming dealing with transport companies and unsettled customers at the same time. 

You could simply provide your customer with the tracking number and the carrier details and let them deal with it themselves? Opting to go this way leaves you at risk of having no way of controlling the end outcome and potential fallout.

Price plays a big part in the solution, but it is only part of the solution. Australian transport companies are price competitive within their freight profile. Service and reliability must be part of the solution and will be the key to your success. Your customers will judge you on your delivery solution.
How is your Customer Service or for that matter, the Customer service of the Transport Carriers? You need to know what each carrier’s response time to your first query may be. For example, lodging an online query with Australia Post for is around 48 hours. Couriers Please Customer Service can have you on hold for 40 plus minutes. Your Customer’s experience is vital if you are to survive in today’s business environment. Customers expect to be able to track and see where their online orders are every step of the journey. In Australia this is not always possible. Not one Transport Company can service the whole of Australia; there is an extensive agent network used off the grid to large areas of regional and rural Australia that have no access to tracking scanners. 

A solution to all this is to select an aggregator such as Austrans Logistics who can supply all your shopping cart and IT solutions, a customer service team with industry knowledge, and all-around support to your business and customers. It may not be your cheapest shipping solution, however when you take into account your time and the warehouse team’s costs, it could in fact save you valuable time and resources that are best invested building your brand. 

Austrans Logistics, a Transport Aggregator based in Melbourne is extremely competitive on price and have been founded based on tech solutions such as API and shopping cart plugins to improve your fulfillment / booking process.


The truth is that with Transport things do go wrong. As a regular sender you will come to understand this. Parcels can get delayed for any number of reasons. When choosing a Transport Partner, it is important to choose a partner that will have your back. Protect your best interests so that you may maximise your success.

With a combined years of experience in the Transport Industry of over 50 years, Austrans Logistics is well positioned to be that partner in your corner. Whichever way you feel is best for your business is up to you. However, there is no doubt that selecting the right Transport Partners for your business is vital to your success. 


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