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  what does your parcel is in transit mean?

What does the status "parcel stuck in transport" mean?

The tracking system indicates that the package has jammed during transport. When this happens, you often won't see a new update in the tracking system. You may be wondering, what is the definition of transit? When your shipment is on its way, this means that the courier company has picked up the package and your shipment is on its way to the delivery address. The package remains on the way until the driver delivers it. "Parcel stuck in transit" means that the parcel is no longer traveling to its destination and it is either kept in one of the courier company's depots for further verification or is stuck in customs.

Is my package still on its way?

Why is my shipment still on its way when it should have been delivered?

Customs clearance - Generally, items shipped to / from countries within the Australia do not require any special documentation unless the shipment is under state monopoly or contains prohibited and restricted items. However, if the package is sent to / from a country outside the AU, the customs declaration must be provided. If you do not provide the necessary documentation, your shipment will further jam in transit.

Solution: Please contact the courier company to tell you all the details and necessary documentation to complete the customs clearance.

The package is too big / too heavy - Packages can be measured at the warehouse of the courier company. Therefore, if they find that it is heavier than stated, they can return it to the sender or charge you additional fees (this depends on one carrier to another).

Solution: If you know that the package is too heavy or too big, you'd better contact the courier company and see if you can add extra pounds to the order. But once the shipment is on its way, you can just wait for additional information from the carrier.

Changes to the order - If you have asked the company to change the destination address, this could be another indication why your shipment is stuck in transit.

Solution: It may take a while for the change to be processed, especially if the package was already on its way. Therefore, we recommend that you wait for the updates in the tracking system, which may take a while for them to be visible when changes are made to the order.

Undeliverable Shipment - Have you shipped some items that are on the prohibited and restricted items list for shipping? Courier companies scan the shipments at different depots, so we recommend that you do not send prohibited items as they can be easily detected in some cases.

Solution: Unfortunately, the carrier will destroy the package or return it to the sender.

Incorrect packaging - This applies not only to the safety of the goods, but also to the safety of the personnel taking care of your package. Therefore, if your package shows any signs of leaks or sharp objects inside, the courier will most likely stop shipping.

Solution: If the package shows signs of leakage, it will be further inspected. If the courier finds items that are not recommended for shipping, they will unfortunately be returned to the sender or destroyed.

Wrong or Incomplete Address - This is the most common cause of undeliverable shipments. You should always double-check that your address contains all the necessary information to transport it.

Solution: Contact the courier company as soon as you realize that your order contains incomplete or incorrect information. The courier company will then implement the changes.

Weather conditions or traffic - It is not uncommon for the package to take longer to arrive at its destination during busy periods, such as holidays or heavy snow.

Solution: We understand it may be difficult but in such cases it is best to just wait for the package to arrive.

Lost Package - This is something you wouldn't want to hear. But unfortunately it is something that can indeed happen.

Solution: You can initiate a claim if your package is lost and request a refund.

How do I know if my package is still on its way?

Usually, the tracking system indicates whether the package is stuck during transport. If the package hasn't moved in a while, then most likely some of the reasons mentioned above have occurred.


It's important to note that it can sometimes take up to 24-48 hours for tracking statuses to update, so don't panic if your package hasn't changed status yet.

How long does the transport take?

It is important to note that the estimated delivery time is just that, an estimate. It is an average calculated based on the time it usually takes a particular courier company to deliver a package to its destination.


The estimated delivery time depends on the distance and the type of service you have purchased.


If you have booked a standard shipping service, the specific transit time cannot be generalized.

If you have booked express freight or shipping, you will be given a specific delivery time depending on the location, volume and type of shipment.

Am I entitled to a refund if my package gets stuck during transport?


If you followed the carrier's instructions for shipping, you are entitled to a refund. However, if the reason your package is stuck in transit is that it didn't meet some of the carrier's guidelines, be it packaging, contents, required documentation or anything else, then unfortunately you are not entitled to a refund.


Did you ship with Austrans Logistics and did your package get stuck during transport? Contact us and our agents will see why you are stuck in transit as well as the next steps.


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